It’s the time of year when I get phone calls from people where their breeding birds have killed their young chicks, and people commonly ask why it has happened.

It can be different in every single case but often one of the common mistakes that people make is changing things. When birds decide to breed, normally it means they are being fed properly, they’re happy and they want to breed. And what will make birds kill, leave or not feed their chicks is if they are disturbed in any way. In a nature situation this is exactly what happens – if they get disturbed or if they think something is going to attack them, they will leave the chick so they survive, and this is the same thing that can happen in the bird room. If you suddenly change something when they’ve got chicks that you think will help them, sometimes this can disturb them. So often the first time when they have got chicks, make sure they have got plenty of food, but don’t suddenly change your daily routine and don’t start looking at the chicks three or four times a day.  If birds feel disturbed in any way, or you have changed their normal routine, something as simple as this can make them leave their chicks.


Obviously in an outside situation, if it is happening quite regularly, there could be something else which can mean they get disturbed at night by a fox or a cat running across the roof, something happening which you may not be aware of.

Occasionally it happens and there are no answers, but it is best to keep things the same as it has been before your birds started to breed, just with the extra food – but don’t change any routines or disturb them in any way, and that’s about the best that you can do in that situation.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Rob Harvey using the details below:

+44 1252 342533

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