A question we get commonly asked by people is what they can do if they have a noisy parrot at home, and it’s nearly always for the same reason.

It can be a new parrot, or a parrot that someone has had for years and their behaviour seems to have changed. These are very intelligent birds and often it starts by accident. We’ll get phone calls where the bird is screaming, talking, shouting a lot, various things going on when the owner isn’t in the room. Now what’s happening with this situation is quite simple – the parrot wants attention, having similar intelligence to that of a young child. At some point the parrot realises that when the owner leaves the room, and it is by itself, if they start screeching and making as much noise as they can, then the owner comes back into the room to see what’s wrong with the parrot – and this can be the start of the problem.

As soon as the bird clicks, and with their intelligence it’s very quickly, that they can do this and the owner comes back in the room, they’ve got the attention that they were looking for – and then this happens all the time. Unfortunately the only thing you can do about it is try to retrain your parrot. So the first part of it is to completely ignore your bird when they’re screaming and shouting, until the point that they give up. When they stop screaming, and it all goes quiet, it can be time to walk back into the room perhaps – just to say hello to your bird and give them a treat. This retraining programme can take a very, very long time – so be warned that if your bird suddenly starts to make a noise, it’s not always a good idea to go and see if their ok as it could be the start of a very long and noisy process.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Rob Harvey using the details below:

+44 1252 342533


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