A recent question, and a very common question I get asked is how often should I spray my parrot, or should I spray my parrot with water?

This is something that I wouldn’t really recommend at all, but it seems to be common knowledge on the internet that it’s good for parrots. After travelling around the world as an avian consultant and visiting many of the largest parrot collections, of birds that are in perfect condition, with a lot of these collections the birds are never sprayed at all. Also some parrots, if they suddenly get sprayed get very scared indeed, especially nervous parrot species like African Greys. If African Greys, and some of the Cockatoo species get suddenly shocked by being sprayed by water, this can cause feather problems. Many times at Bird World we had African Greys come in, and other parrots, and the cause of their feather problems was because they got scared by someone suddenly spraying them two or three times a week, because they’d heard that it was a good thing for their parrot.

If you spray your parrot now, and it’s enjoying it and loving it, there is no need to stop. But, your parrots don’t need to be sprayed with water, so don’t start suddenly doing it and scaring them, because rather than making their plumage better (which is maybe what you were hoping to do), you can stress them so much that they start losing some of their feathers.

If you think your parrot would like a bath, by all means put a large bowl of water in the cage, and if they need to preen or soak themselves with water they will probably make an awful mess and thoroughly enjoy it.  If you can cope with that, that won’t do them any harm at all.

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