I’m often asked at this time of year about putting birds outside, for example if someone has a parrot in the house whether they can put the bird outside, and they imagine there won’t be any problems at all. With taking some care, there shouldn’t be.

The bird might be used to being inside, in a nice constant temperature of 20 degrees centigrade, and not being in a draft or in the sun. This bird could have been inside for many years, and to suddenly take that bird and put it outside we have to consider several things.

First of all, make sure the bird is not in full sunlight, if it’s not used to it. The bird may be a species that lives in the tropical rainforest or places that are used to sun, but it won’t have had sun for a long time and a sudden change in environment can be very dangerous.

Also, they’re not used to drafts and the weather outside, if there’s constant breeze from one direction they can catch a chill and do themselves some harm. Make sure the aviary is partly covered from the breeze and make sure half of the roof is covered as well, as a sudden downpour from a storm of something like that can actually kill a bird even in warm weather. The wind and the rain tends to cause so much more damage to a bird than just having a low temperature.

The other thing to keep in mind is cats, dogs and foxes. You might think they won’t get problems during the day, but this isn’t the case because foxes, for example, are now out during the day and don’t actually have to get hold of your bird to kill it – and cats can be even worse. They only have to run round the aviary, or climb over the top of it, and this can be enough to scare your bird to death.

Please don’t think I’m trying to put you off putting your bird outside, but it is far better to tell you about all the problems you can have, so that when you do move your bird outside you are aware of these so nothing goes wrong. In the next few months, we will have some very strong aviaries designed by Rob Harvey Specialist Feeds available to buy, which will be perfect for outdoor use, and they also come with a cover – watch this space for further details!

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Rob Harvey using the details below:

+44 1252 342533


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