At this time of year I often get questions about pest control, not just mites and ticks, but the other things that affect birds too.

With outside aviaries, you can get a sudden build up of rats or mice, and rats can actually kill your birds, let alone bring in disease. This is the time of year to do something about it – as the nights start getting colder, it’s a good idea to start putting out poison (of course in the correct way that the manufacturer suggests) for rats and mice. These pests will tend to come in to warmer areas during the months leading up to winter. Although you may have no rodent problems outside at the moment, if you have an aviary with food outside, you may start to attract them. I can remember many years ago my Father telling me that if you see one rat during the day, it probably means you’ve got 30, so this is the time of year to keep on top of any rodent problems that you may have.

With ticks it can also be a problem, especially with parrots, and I have come across several situations where a tick – the same kind that you may get on your cat or dog – has got on to a parrot. If you get one on the head area, the tick can cause the parrot to die as a result of blood clots, inflammation and disease. This is not a very common problem, but I would suggest that if you are worried about mites and ticks, the best thing to do is remove your bird from the room, get a product like Ardrap, spray round the skirting board and around the window, and once the smell has gone it is safe to reintroduce your birds to the room. This type of product will last for six weeks, killing any pest that is crawling around the room.

In an aviary situation as well, if you have mites, we would recommend that you use Mite Predator, so there’s no chemicals at all if you can’t remove all your birds.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Rob Harvey using the details below:

+44 1252 342533

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