I often get asked about the correct size of cages for parrots, and other small birds, for breeding.

Many years ago, when parrots weren’t hand reared in such great numbers, it was said that the biggest cage you could get would be the best thing for the parrot. If you have a very tame hand reared parrot, in many households they spent a lot of time outside of the cage in the house – and they also tend to get very tired as well. Therefore the parrot being in the largest cage possible is not so important anymore. If the parrot is being naughty, it can be put away, but many customers I speak to say that their parrots spend up to eight hours a day outside of their cage and will only sleep inside the cage because they are not very active at night.

I also get asked about cages for breeding, and this is a vast subject. Most parrots, when it comes to breeding, want a large area, but that’s being very general. Species like African Grey parrots actually breed better in small areas. In my previous role as a travelling Avian Consultant, I once came across a large number of breeding pairs of African Greys that had a large inside area, and a large outside area – however after two years, only a very small number had actually bred. I designed some much smaller enclosures and in a very short space of time a large number of pairs were breeding. This is the exception to the rule for breeding birds, and I’m happy to answer any questions that you may have about this topic.

When it comes to breeding smaller species of birds such as finches and canaries, often a large cage is better, but birds do all have slightly different requirements and many will breed in smaller cages too.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Rob Harvey using the details below:

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