Palm Nuts


Palm nuts are the natural diet for a large number of parrots, especially birds like African Grey parrots, where palm nuts are over 70% of their diet. It’s not the nut in the middle that they eat, it is the yellow, oily flesh around the nut and being their natural diet its full of vitamins and extremely good for their feather condition. We import palm nuts into the UK because its part of our range of some of the best quality feeds that we can get for birds. With palm nuts, they are a product that when we send them out, they are frozen, this is because they are a fruit. But they are so oily that if they get defrosted in transport, which they normally do, they will not deteriorate in a 24 hour period. Once you get a bag of palm nuts from us, the first thing you need to do is put them straight into the deep freeze. When you come to feed your parrot, the best thing way is to feed them one palm nut, per bird, per day. At one time I had a collection of 50 pairs of African Grey parrots, and we gave all the birds out there a palm nut everyday and it makes a big difference. To start with, when you go to feed palm nuts, African Greys and some of the other parrots will typically wonder what on earth it is, because they may not have seen this natural product before. The best way is to remove the other food for the first twelve hours or so and put the palm nut in there and slowly get them used to eating this. With the fifty pairs of birds that I had, it took me about two weeks by which 49 of the 50 pairs were eating the palm nuts. You’ll find that one nut per day is quite adequate for the bird, and this will help keep them in very good condition. If they do not eat the palm nut, the palm nut can stay there for up to 48 hours. After that time, the palm nut will need removing and throwing away. If your birds will not eat palm nuts, and most will, then the second best product would be our palm extract.

palm extract

This, as the name suggests, comes from palm nuts, and this can easily be put on a piece of toast to feed to your parrot, and it is by far the next best thing. If you’re not feeding your african grey parrots or other parrots palm nuts, we would suggest that you do try this for your birds as you can not give them a better product than one that they eat from the wild.

rob harvey african grey

If you have any questions whatsoever about feeding your parrot, or palm nuts, please do not hesitate to contact Rob Harvey who would be pleased to advise you on 01420 23986.

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